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Rival Software designed and released Cleopatra’s Coins video slots which operate on a 5-roll and a 15-payline slot machine. The slots game exhibit all possible symbols that you look forward to from and Egyptian-premised slot, that includes morbid looking vases, wily asps and a mystical scarab.

One bonus game of Cleopatra’s Coins slots that is interesting to play is the Cleopatra’s Coins Scarab Bonus Game. Cleopatra’s coins video slots have scarab icon which is also a wild symbol which acts as a replacement or alternate for other icons not counting the scatter icon. The scarab symbol appears on every reel, and no more than one winning combinations will compensated per payline. If situations call for several of this combination, then the highest coin value will receive the payment.

Upon receiving the payout, you need to obtain 3 or more scarab icons to trigger Cleopatra’s Coins bonus game. Scatter icon operates even on non-activated paylines. Cleopatra’s Coins slots have scatter symbols in all the reels, and your bonus money will be doubled if you obtain a scatter win or a regular win.

Another Cleopatra’s Coins slots bonus game is the Vase Bonus Game. In this round, you must make an effort to guess which vases contain the most number of coins. The vase’s total numbers is dependent on the number of coins emerges to trigger this bonus round. The total number of vases can range between 3 to 5 vases. Additional coins collected in this bonus game will in some extend determine by the amount of coins wagered on that particular spin where the bonus game is activated.

Cleopatra’s Coins video slots also have the 10 Free Spins bonus game. This bonus game is triggered when 3 or more Asp cons land on a single payline.

The asp symbols in this bonus game can come in any order, and paylines need not to be activated at all. Each spin will maintain the same coin value in relation to spin that triggered the bonus game. Still, Cleopatra’s Coins Free 10 Spins bonus game is difficult to ignore or pass up.

Cleopatra’s coins video slot Winning Combo game shell out cash, which starts from the left side going to its right side. At least a single Winning Combo icon must come out on the first roll. One thing more, Winning Combo symbols must sit next to one another. The total amount of additional cash collected by players is dependent on the maximum coins wagered and the specific amount bet per payline.

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